Why choose a SIPS classroom for your school?

Our Structurally Insulated Panel (SIPS) classrooms are designed and constructed in component parts which means they are quickly and easily assembled on or off site. SIPS classrooms offer schools the energy efficient, flexible and eco-friendly space solution when time and budget are of the essence.  

Whatever your school needs, these flexible learning spaces offer a variety of uses, from a nurturing SEND hub, a vibrant music room or a peaceful, airy library.  Let your imagination and aspirations for your children take shape and provide an educational space that will meet the ever changing landscape of education well into the future.

A completely bespoke service including all the finishing touches even down to furniture and classroom resources.

Accessing funding


From organising your planning and building regulations, through to our comprehensive insurance policies and lease finance, we can make your journey to owning your new building as easy and risk free as possible.
Support with preparing bids on a no win no fee basis on all grants and funding opportunities including those available to academies such as:-

Condition improvement fund

School capital allocation

Grants 4 Schools

The Earnest Cook Trust

Wolfson Foundation

Helping you finance your project

If you are looking to purchase a building we can offer a lease finance package to help support your project, spreading the cost and providing an affordable cashflow solution.

In partnership with a leading independent finance company we’re able to offer our education customers lease finance on our buildings.

Subject to fulfilling the application criteria, your new building could be funded with a fixed term, fixed rate, lease rental facility with full ownership of the building passing over to your school at the end of the term.

The Benefits

  • A tax efficient way to finance all or part of your build
  • It offers fixed rate financing meaning that you pay at the same rate even when costs increase
  • It avoids the need to use existing bank credit facilities
  • There is less initial cash outlay
  • You can take advantage of the cash flow benefits of spreading the cost
  • Lease payments can be deducted as a business expense on your tax return